How To Stay Safe In Ice and Sleet Conditions

We don’t get this kind of stuff in #Memphis and the Mid-South too often.

iceSleet. Freezing rain. Ice flakes. Frozen precipitation.

No matter what you call it, ice can be a problem that we Southerners, if we’re truthful with ourselves, think we can handle when we really can’t.

So here’s 5 great ways of being careful when frozen stuff mounts up and possibly turns into an ice storm:

1. If you have to go outside during or after an ice storm, watch for branches or wires that could break or fall due to the weight of the ice.

2. Don’t approach power lines. Any hanging power line could be charged. Stay back at least 30 feet from wires or anything in contact with them.

3. Avoid driving if possible. Freezing rain can make roads extremely slippery. Wait several hours after freezing rain ends so road maintenance crews have enough time to spread sand or salt on icy roads.

ice 2

4. Dress for the weather with boots or shoes with rubber soles because freezing rain and strong winds increase the chance for hypothermia. If you have outside pets or live on a farm, move pets and livestock to shelter where feed and water is available. Forage is often temporarily inaccessible during and immediately after ice storms for livestock and basic shelter for pets is not adequate in sub-freezing temps with ice and snow.

5. Stay tuned to local television or radio stations for weather advisories, and check your stations often for the latest weather warnings.

Remember, if you do have a slip and fall on the ice, and it’s not an emergency, we can check you out a lot quicker than the emergency room and we have state-of-the-art x-ray technology to see if you have broken a bone.

#AFC #DoctorsExpress cares, so you know.

DE to AFC soon small size


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