New Year’s Resolutions: This might work!

Who wants to scream and pull their hair out when people start with the, “What’s your new year’s resolutions,” talk?

Most people we know. And they do scream.

Because NYRs (New Year’s Resolutions) are just, well, next to impossible for most of us to keep.

Here’s a few experts on how you CAN set NYRs and keep them:

Kate Bratskeir, Food and Health Editor, The Huffington Post on How To Actually Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick:

Bill Carmody, Founder and CEO, Repoint  on

Why New Year’s Resolutions Never Work. Do These 3 Things Instead:

Nancy Anderson, Contributing Editor, Forbes magazine, on

Six Ways To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick In 2016:

And if you resolve to not have to see a doctor, we hope you are able to stay healthy enough keep this one. If not, we’re here for you. #AFC #UrgentCare #Memphis.DE to AFC soon small size


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