3 Things to do “Cautiously” This Winter

Here are 3 things to approach with extra caution this holiday season:


1. Winter sports: Skiing, sledding, and snowboarding can be fun but make sure everyone in your family wears the proper protective gear when enjoying the snow.

hanginglights2. Decorating: Because decorations are usually in use for a month or two a year, dust and other allergens can build up in and on your storage containers. Simply wiping down these containers, as well as washing your hands once you are finished, can help you down the road to good health. Also, be sure to carefully monitor any lit candles that are a part of your holiday decor. And be careful on that ladder hanging holiday decorations!

how-can-you-avoid-getting-sick-at-work-1801886002-oct-27-2012-1-600x4003. Attending Office and Holiday Parties: As family and friends gather for parties, you will be in close contact with lots of people – and thus more susceptible to encountering new germs. Make sure to wash your hands often to help prevent illness from spreading this holidays.

To see one of our doctors about how to stay well this holiday season, or to receive diagnosis and treatment for your sickness or injury, please visit AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care in Memphis. You never need an appointment and we’re open 7 days a week.



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