Most Common Issues We Treat

We treat many illnesses and injuries, all of which are non-life threatening (because we’re urgent care only, so for emergencies always call 911) but people always ask, “What do you treat the most of?”

This time of the year, our most common illness diagnosis at AFC/Doctors Express urgent care center in Memphis is upper respiratory conditions. And the most common injury treatment is wound repair.

We do not advocate you stopping by to see if we agree that you need to go on to the emergency room because if you feel you have a life-threatening illness or injury, do NOT waste time – go straight to the ER.

But for urgent care needs, come see us. Most patients are in and out within an hour. Sometimes people don’t think their illnesses or injuries are serious enough for the ER so they come see us anyway but if our doctors diagnose that need, we send patients on to an emergency room, pronto!

So, when you need us, for urgent care, any day of the week, we will be here ready to care for your non-life threatening medical needs at AFC/Doctors Express Memphis … with the exception of the only 2 days a year we are closed, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.



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