When Is The Best Time To See The Doctor?

When you need one.

That’s the best time to see a doctor and luckily for patients in need, urgent care clinics are now the new norm with extended hours and open on weekends.

It’s quite common for people to come in to AFC/Doctors Express in the evening hours since we’re open until 8 pm each night of the week.

But people often ask us, when is our busiest time? They want to avoid the long wait they’ve experienced at primary care doctor offices and walk-in clinics.

The good news is that on average, our patients wait less than 20 minutes to see the doctor and the average time a patient spends at AFC/Doctors Express is 55 minutes.

The question still remains. How do you avoid the rush?

If you are pressed for time and you want to get in and out, we suggest coming in mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Our busiest times during the week seem to be at the beginning of the work day, 8 am and at the end of the work day as folks are heading home, particularly in the 5 pm to 6 pm time range during the week.

Even during our busy times, patients still wait on average less than 30 minutes to see a doctor and are in and out in less than an hour and 30 minutes, in most cases.

To get in and out of AFC/Doctors Express even quicker, go to our website and download the patient sign-in form and complete it before you arrive. Don’t forget to bring it with you!

Click Patient Sign-In Form to download the form.



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