Welcomed To The New, Improved AFC Doctors Express Memphis Blog

Who We Are


Did you know Doctors Express is part of the American Family Care company?

AFC/Doctors Express provides high-quality, urgent care right in your neighborhood! When you come to AFC/Doctors Express you’ll be treated by licensed medical professionals who are on-site every day, including doctors, nurses, and x-ray technicians. This guarantees you receive the highest quality medical care.

Our medicines treat aches and pains and our physicians treat people. We are constantly looking for better ways to do both.

The AFC/Doctors Express Story

Founded in 2005, AFC/Doctors Express is the largest urgent care franchise in the United States and growing faster than ever before. Joined with American Family Care in 2013, AFC/Doctors Express is the second largest privately owned urgent care operator in the country and able to extend the broadest range of urgent care and family medical services in the most caring, convenient and affordable way possible.

A pioneer in accessible primary care and urgent care, over 30 years ago American Family Care opened one of the very first urgent care clinics in the country in Hoover, AL. AFC continues to expand rapidly throughout the Southeastern United States. Learn more about American Family Care and check out what we treat below or learn more about AFC/Doctors Express Memphis:

Acute Illness

Acute illnesses are typically those of rapid onset, brief and oftentimes severe in nature. We have state of the art equipment and the resources necessary to provide you with acute care.

Trauma Yes, Emergency No 

We offer treatment for non life-threatening injuries and illnesses. While urgent care is not the same as a hospital emergency room, we CAN treat most any non life-threatening illness or injury, for much less than the cost and time of going to a hospital ER.  We treat many illnesses and injuries. Here are a few of the illnesses and injuries we treat: colds, allergies, pneumonia, and flu; upset stomachs, earaches, and sore throats; and cuts, sprains, and fractures. Some cuts (or lacerations) must be stitched to heal correctly. Typically, fractures are diagnosed via x-ray and then the bone must be set to heal properly. Often, medications for pain are prescribed and are e-mailed directly to the pharmacy of your choice for your convenience.

Sports Injuries

We diagnose and treat sports-related injuries. Some common sports injuries are sprains and strains, fractured bones, cuts, and bumps and bruises. We have a full compliment of bandages, splints, casts, and braces to ensure complete care of your injury.

Open Wound Care

We also treat cuts, puncture wounds, and we can remove foreign bodies such as splinters, bee stingers, and other objects that have become embedded in your skin. Our expert doctors can treat these painful injuries quickly and efficiently.

Lab Services

We do many different types of lab tests, most while you are at AFC/Doctors Express seeing the doctor! The tests often are based on the doctor’s need to determine the cause of your illness, or to eliminate a cause. With our state-of-the-art lab, we get most testing done quickly and efficiently.

Occupational Health and Workers Compensation

We treat non-life threatening workers comp injury and illness. Prompt, accurate communication from us to employers is a key building block to effective workers comp medical care and for any of the occupational health services we offer. We’ve designed programs that promote streamlined record keeping, enable a quick return to work, and keep employers fully aware of their employee’s health status.

We Take Most Insurance

If you aren’t sure whether we take your insurance, please call us at (901) 254-8040 before you come, and have your insurance card handy so our friendly front desk staff can check for you.

Request More Information

Please contact us here at AFC/Doctors Express Urgent Care Memphis to discuss employer health care solutions for your organization. To arrange a network-wide contract please contact our corporate office at (800) 258-7535.


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