Q & A: Pins & Needles Feeling In My Arm; Antioxidants

I keep getting pins and needles in my arm. What could cause this problem? 

The most likely cause for your pins and needles feeling is a problem with the sensory nerves to your arm. Its hard for me to tell which nerve is involved because you haven’t been specific with where exactly you feel the pins and needles (your arm only, your hand, your fingers?). Something is compressing the nerve and causing the sensation.  This is what happens when your leg falls asleep after you cross your legs for too long- compression of the nerve causes the pins and needles.  Obviously, when you uncross your leg, the feeling goes away.  In your arm, something is compressing the nerve and its up to your doctors to examine you and find out what the problem is so it can be fixed. (By the way, a common example of this problem in the arm is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome where the sensory nerve to the hand gets compressed at the wrist).

Why are antioxidants so important for anti-aging?

The theory behind antioxidants is that they can prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease by helping the body remove toxic “free- radicals” (waste products). As we age, we collect higher amounts of these waste products so using antioxidants to help remove them theoretically should slow some of the changes associated with aging.


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