Ankle Cyst And Ingrown Toenails Q & A With Medical Director, Susan Besser, M.D.

On the outside of my ankle, just below the ankle bone, there is a second bone that when pressed is quite tender and swells up. I run a great deal, and this sometimes causes a burning feeling in the tender area. If it is knocked, it causes a fair amount of pain. X-rays of my ankle are normal and I have tried many treatments with little success. What more can I do?

It may be a cyst which is why it doesn’t show up on plain x-rays.  There are other imaging studies that may be helpful (such as a CT scan or MRI).  I would suggest you consult with an Orthopedist for further evaluation.

My life is a misery because of constantly ingrowing toenails. What can I do?

Speak with a Podiatrist. He can remove your toenails if needed or at least help you trim them so they won’t continue to become ingrown.



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