Dr. Besser’s Medical Q&A


I am 38 years old and my acne is worse than that of my teenage daughter. Why would I get it now? There is an adult form of acne and a similar acne-like condition called Rosacea. These forms can be more agaggressive than the teen-age version.  I would suggest you see a Dermatologist for appropriate treatment.


-Is it necessary to spend a lot of money getting wisdom teeth out because of infection or gum growing over them? Can’ t they be left to rot without affecting the body? Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed.  It depends on the persons mouth (is there enough room for the teeth to erupt) and whether or not the teeth are impacted into the jaw bone.  See your dentist and have an evaluation (including dental x-rays) to determine if you can keep your wisdom teeth or not.


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