This Week’s Q&A From Doctors Express-Memphis

What should your cholesterol level be? My doctor tells me mine is alright at 6.3, but a friend has been told to go on a diet at a level of 5.8.

The number that you are referring to is not a cholesterol value so I am not sure if you are referring to a ratio number (good vs. bad cholesterol) or a sugar value number.  Normal total cholesterol should be less than 200 (that is the good cholesterol plus the bad cholesterol). The good cholesterol should be above 40-50 and the bad cholesterol 130 or less. If the number you are referring to is actually a measurement of your sugar (called a Hemoglobin A1c) your reading of 6.3 is fine. I don’t know enough of your health issues (or your friends) to know why their doctor advised a diet.


Can you tell me please how many beats does a normal heart do in one minute. I am over 70 and my heart when I wake in the morning, and am still in bed, beats only 52 times a minute. Is that too low? Your heart rate (the number of beats per minute) varies depending on activity and medications.  A resting heart rate (in bed) of 50-60is perfectly normal and fine.  A heart rate during normal routine activities runs around 80, while a heart rate during vigorous athletic activity can be as much as 120 and still be normal.  Well-conditioned athletes will have a slower heart rate than those of us that aren’t in such good physical shape.  Many medications can affect heart rate, making it faster or slower. If you are concerned about your heart rate, have your doctor check it for you.





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