Doctors Express-Memphis: This Week’s Q&A

Can people who have had stomach ulcers take aspirin? Can enteric-coated aspirin be used in these people? Yes, some people that have had stomach ulcers can take aspirin.  It depends, in part, on how long ago the ulcer was and if there was a known cause.  For example, if it was many years ago and due to an infection- aspirin is probably safe (in very small quantities and enteric-coated only).  If, however the ulcer happened more recently and was due to aspirin or Ibupofen or Aleve, then it would probably not be a good idea to take aspirin.

I am a keen golfer and have developed a painful elbow. My GP says the diagnosis is golfer’ s elbow, but this sounds like an excuse for a diagnosis. Is there such a condition, and do i have to stop playing golf? Actually, your GP was correct. That is a real diagnosis (and so is “tennis elbow” and “washer-woman’s elbow”). In reality the medical name for the diagnosis is medial or lateral epicondylitis of the elbow.  This is a type of tendinitis ( a sprain or over-use injury).  You may have to stop playing golf for a little while but with treatment which might include medications such as Ibuprofen and physical therapy, your elbow will recover.  In some cases, people with this condition need to be seen by an orthopedic specialist for a bit more intensive treatment.



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