Your Questions Answered From Doctors Express-Memphis

Each week Susan Besser, MD Addresses Patient Concerns, issues, and ailments.

I keep getting mouth ulcers. What can I do to treat them? I would recommend you discuss it first with your dentist.  They are trained to look at oral health problems, not just your teeth.  If your dentist can’t find a solution for you, speak with your PCP.  There are some systemic illnesses that can cause recurrent mouth ulcers that you should be checked for. There are several treatment options depending on the cause (s)


I have to take a short course of antibiotics for a sinus infection, but I usually get an upset stomach whenever I have them. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Your question is a bit unclear. Is your upset stomach due to the antibiotics (many can cause an upset stomach) or due to the sinus infection? If it is antibiotic related, speak with your doctor about changing antibiotics to one that won’t cause stomach upset.  If the upset stomach is from the sinus problem, it may be due to post-nasal drainage. For many people the post-nasal drainage that you swallow during an infection can cause an upset stomach.  Ask your doctor to give you something to help stop the post-nasal drainage such as a nasal spray.


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