Q&A This Week From Doctors Express-Memphis

My daughter has just been started on treatment for a ringworm. How do you catch ringworm? Ringworm is a type of fungus (like yeast) that can be found on the skin.  Normally, its growth is kept under control buy other organisms (mostly bacteria) that also live on the skin, but sometimes its growth can get out of control.  Yes, it is contagious, mostly by skin to skin contact- so no sharing of baths (a hot tub is a great way to catch it). Also, some pets, especially cats, have ringworm on their skin and can share it with humans.  So, if you have pets- make sure they are checked by the vet.  Of course, other school children could also have it and shared with your daughter (common in the younger ages), or in children involved in athletics (like wrestling with lots of sweaty skin contact).


Can a three year old get asthma? Yes, in fact, that is a not uncommon age for the diagnosis to be made, although the child probably was having symptoms (wheezing) for some time before the diagnosis was established.  Doctors don’t like calling “wheezing” asthma until the child has had several episodes.  Many viral illnesses (colds) can cause wheezing in young children, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the child will have asthma when they get older.


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