Questions and Answers From “The Doc” At Doctors Express-Memphis

 My son injured his fingers while jumping from the furniture. The doctor who treated him says that there was a minor injury in his growth plate. He informed me that it will heal by itself though he (doctor) provided immobilization treatment for the injured finger. Can you tell me what is growth plate and how can it affect the growth of bones of my kid? At both ends of all of the long bones of the body (such as arms, legs, fingers and toes) and some of the other bones as well (such as the pelvis) are areas called growth plates.  This is where the bone growth occurs, in that I mean the bones grow longer from the ends thru the growth plate and not thru the middle of the bone.  If the growth plate is damaged, it may stop the growth of that segment of the bone, causing the bone to be shorter than expected. Most of the time, in mild injuries the growth plate heals normally and the bone continues to grow.

My father’ s weakness and general deterioration has been diagnosed as Addison’ s disease, but I can’ t understand what it is all about. Your help would be appreciated. Addison’s disease is a chronic illness where certain hormone-making parts of the body stop working (especially the Adrenal glands located at the top of the kidneys).  The adrenal glands make a substance called cortisol (a steroid like substance).  This substance helps to control the general functions of the bodies. Without this hormone the affected person feels fatigue, low blood pressure, weight loss, skin changes, nausea and vomiting, decreased immunity.  It is treatable by replacing the missing hormones. For more information on this, a good reference is; a patient education site produced by the American Academy of Family Practice.  Here is the webpage specific to Addison’s disease:




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