You’ve Got Questions? Doctor’s Express-Memphis Has The Answers!

My doctor keeps feeling my son’ s neck for glands every time I take him for a cold or sore throat. He prescribes antibiotics if the glands are tender. Why do your glands get sore when you have an infection? Glands, or more accurately, Lymph Nodes are part of the body’s infection defense system.  These small nodules that are located throughout the body, not just in the neck, composed of specialized infection-fighting white blood cells.  When the body senses an infection, the lymph nodes go to work producing and distributing the white blood cells to the areas that are infection.  In doing that, they enlarge and become tenderSo, when you have a sore throat, the nodes in the neck will swell (and sore).  If you have an infection elsewhere other lymph nodes that treat other areas will enlarge and swell.  As an experiment- next time you cut your leg or have a sore on it, look for the infection fighting lymph nodes in your groin to be tender and swollen.


I have been prescribed a variety of tablets for my arthritis over many years. I believe that these are all classed as anti-inflammatory drugs. I never like taking drugs, but they do seem to help me. I would still like to know what are the side effects of anti-inflammatory pills? The most common side effect of these medications (the group name is NSAID which stands for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug)is gastrointestinal upset including GI bleeding and ulceration. Other common side effects include, headache, drowsiness, fluid retention, easy bruising and ringing in the ears. Severe side effects are edema (swelling) of the legs, increased risk of heart attacks and stroke, increased risk of heart failure, and toxic effects on the liver and kidneys.



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