Thumbs Up! New Comments This Week From Doctors Express Patients

July 25, 2012

I think Doctors Express is doing a fantastic job. I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and the warm I felt from the ladies at the front desk. All our questions were answered very thoroughly and I left the establishment with a great impression.


Cindi | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106


This was my first trip to Doctor’s Express, and I couldn’t be more impressed and pleased. I don’t think I was there for a total of 30 minutes. It was much faster and more comfortable than a Walgreen Well Clinic. Everyone was so friendly and efficient. I highly recommend Doctor’s Express. I want her as my new Primary Care Doc!


Melissa | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106


I had a worker’s compensation claim and was provided with 3 – 4 different providers to choose from. Doctors Express is the farthest from my center; however, I heard about Doctors Express on my local radio station, 98.9 in the morning, which is why I chose to visit them on Poplar. I was extremely satisfied with the quality, and timeliness. I am recommending Doctors Express to the other centers within my district.

“You all were a God-send! When I was suffering with a UTI and couldn’t get through to my regular doctor, Doctors Express came to the rescue! I did not have to wait — in and out in under 30 minutes and off to the pharmacy. I would definitely recommend you to anyone, and I expect that I will be returning in the future!”

Sara  | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“Doctors Express is great! Although I have a regular physician, it is usually impossible to get a same day appointment. I have used your service several times. As a busy college student, the convenience you offer is much appreciated. Also, I appreciate the fact that you have given me a follow up call to check on my condition. Overall, I honestly cannot think of any ideas for improvement. Thank you!”

marsha  | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“My boss came here, he loved it. A friend came also and she loved it. no complaints from me!”

Shirley  | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

I was very pleased with my visit. I was greeted by the front desk personnel and the nurse within minutes of my arrival, and the physician made me feel at ease from the moment she entered the room with her curteous demeanor; and she was thorough and expedient in her diagnosis. The fact that my presciptions were electronically sent to my pharmacy before I left the office, really set Doctors Express above the rest. Many times, when a patient leaves the doctor’s office or urgent care, the last thing he/she wants to do is to stand in long line to have a prescription filled.

Paul  | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

Everything was great from the reception staff, to the nurse and physician. The staff was very warm, welcoming and knowledgable. As well as very prompt !!!!!

Lorraine | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“This was my first visit to an emergency care center other than the hospital ER, what a pleasant experience! I had a much shorter wait than my primary physician’s office and Dr. Besser was both knowledgeable and friendly. I will certainly tell friends and family about my experience and recommend this clinic to all.”


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