This Week’s Q&A from Dr. Besser: Doctor’s Express- Memphis

-I’ m a 53-year-old woman diagnosed with osteoporosis. My doctor wants to put me on HRT. What would you recommend? I am unable to make specific recommendations for you regarding treating of osteoporosis. There are many different types of medications available, including HRTs but the specific medication needs to be tailored to you based on other health factors  of which, obviously, I am unaware.  Please discuss your concerns with your own MD so the two of you can come up with the best treatment options.


Is there anything I can give my child to speed up recovery from an asthma attack? There are no over-the-counter medications that will successfully treat your child’s asthma. The first treatment for asthma is an inhaler, usually albuterol.  That medication is used for asthma attacks. There are other medications to prevent asthma flair-ups.  You need to discuss your child’s asthma with his pediatrician to determine the best course of therapy for him.



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