Doctor’s Express-Memphis: This Week’s Q&A From Dr. Besser

Would you please explain Noonan syndrome to me? We have a lovely little woman who has just started at the office as a cleaner who has this problem.

Noonan’s syndrome is a developmental defect (a genetic defect). It is noted for characteristic physical changes such as a short, webbed neck, short stature, and congenital heart disease. It can be found in both men and women. It was named for Dr. Jacqueline Noonan, a pediatric cardiologist who first identified the syndrome.


What’ s the best way to stop a child from developing allergies?

There really is no way to stop anyone from developing allergies unless they are NEVER exposed to anything that could cause an allergic reaction (an impossible task unless you live in a bubble with sterile air and receive all nutrition thru an IV). If your child has allergies there are medications and treatments to make the symptoms less troublesome. You should speak with your pediatrician about that.



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