Our Patients Have Spoken-Thank You For Your Comments!

MAY 22

Gassia  | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“My experience today has truly been one I have waited for the past 20 years. I frequently suffer through an illness rather than have to schedule, and sit through, a doctor’s visit. I have had two c-sections due to not seeing a physician early enough to remove the growth before it reached the size of a football. All of this just to say that the ease in which I experienced seeing a physician at Doctors Express is long over-due in this country and one that will become part of my on-going medical needs. Why was my experience such an incredible one? The location was convenient to my office, the parking plentiful and close, the paper-work, a mere two pages v. the typical 20 pages, the wait time, non-existent, the nurse’s questions, practical and relevant to my immediate need, the physician genuinely listening and respecting my perspective on my symptoms. As a Type-A personality who is very “bottom-line,” this quick yet comprehensive experience has renewed my faith in the future of America’s healthcare. The entire staff was fabulous and should be commended for their great service. Laura, Sarah, Tiara and Dr. Naren were all fantastic. Thanks again for being in business!”


Tony  | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“I had a wasp sting that had a delayed inflammation which concerned me and the Dr. prescribed me steroid pk and I was much better the next day. Thanks for being open on a Sunday afternoon. ”

KiM | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“I love Doctors Express! I have never had to wait and the doctors have been fabulous. All of the staff is super nice! I was recommended by a friend, and I recommend this location too.”

Stacie C.

“Very quick and friendly staff”

Brittany E. | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“The staff that the office were so helpful and went out of their way to make sure I got seen quickly. The Medical Assistant that assisted me was super friendly and nice and knew her job very well. I was highly pleased with my visit and will go back for any doctor needs.”


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