This Week’s Q&A From Dr. Besser

-My husband and I have taken Mucaine and Quickeze for many years for a hiatus hernia and reflux. With the scare about aluminium and Alzheimer’ s disease, I don’ t know if we should keep taking them. We need them despite being on Losec. Can you let me know if there is any proof that they are harmful?

There is no proof that aluminum products can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. I would suggest, however that you speak with your own doctors to discuss your reflux issues and the fact that you are taking mucaine and quickeze on a regular basis.  He or she may suggest alternatives or recommend further evaluation.


-I am a new mother, and need to know how should I deal with colic in a 3 month old? I have received all sorts of advice, but nothing seems to work. Colic is, unfortunately, a difficult issue. There is no known cause for colic which makes it harder to treat. The good news is, in most cases it is gone by age 6 months.

I have no specific recommendations for you because different things work for different babies.  Try changing the way you hold your baby or how you feed her. Occasionally formula changes help, but that isn’t true in most cases. There are several good medical resources you can go to- I recommend, which is presented by the American Academy of Family Practice.  It has information on a wide range of topics, not just colic, so you can read about other medical questions you have.  Another resource specifically for you and your baby is In that online (and book) publication, you will hear stories and get advice from doctors who are also moms and how we handle raising children. (Not to boast, but I am one of the contributing authors)



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