This week’s Q&A From Dr. Besser

I have had a greyish blister just behind my fingernail for six months. When I nicked it, I got out a clear jelly substance. It is now sore, and X-rays and blood tests for gout are negative. What could it be?

Without seeing the area, it is hard for me to be sure what it is, but your description sounds like some type of cyst. You need to discuss it further with your PCP and possibly get referred to a specialist

– My baby is only 4 weeks old and is having baby acne on chin and cheeks. Is it possible occurring acne to newly borns? What products should I use for my baby? How long will it take to cure? Will my baby develop it again in his teenage?

Baby acne is very common (in fact, most babies have it).  It will go away on its own as your baby grows. No treatment is needed other than the usual soap and water washes you already are giving your baby.  Baby acne is NOT an indicator that your baby will develoop acne when he/she becomes a teenager, in fact there is no relationship at all between baby acne and teenage acne.



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