Doctors Express Memphis-Our Patients Are Are Our Best Marketing!

Thanks for your daily compliments!

Monday  April 16, 2012

I was extremely pleased with my visit to Doctors Express. All of the staff were polite, informative and caring. Wish more places were as pleasant as my visit was for me. It is the entire staff that makes that happen. Thank You Fred Yarbro Memphis, Tn. 38117

Valerie | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

The doctor first said that she was going to give me a Rx for one drug, but after further discussion we decided on a different one which I believe was a much better choice for me. I really appreciated her taking the time to have that conversation with me. I have recommended Doctors Express to 2 more people since I was there.

Alice C. | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

If I could use you guys as my Primary Care, I would. Never have I had a really great, relaxing, quick visit to a doctors office. Never looked foward to going to one but, you guys are kind in every way. I really wish you would open one in Bartlett, but until then I will go out of my way to see you as long as my insurance will pay.Thanks for showing me that a doctors office cares and pays attention to their patients, I am out there refering you guys to as many people as I can. Thanks.

David | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

Staff was very nice and efficient. Will definitely go back in the future.

Ella  | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“The Staff was very friendly and I have recommended your office to several co-workers.”

Kimberly  | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“The service was great and very prompt. I would definitely encourage a friend to visit Doctors Express”

“We had a wonderful experience at Doctors Express! After waiting at another urgent care clinic, we got up from our wait there and came over to Doctors Express at the recommendation from a friend! Thank you for everything!”     JW

“I loved my visit and then they checked on me the next day. That were special to me Thanks”

ET | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 10

“I was very impressed with the promptness and pleasantness with everyone. Everything moved smoothly. No prolong waiting. thank you I felt well served.”

Wednesday  March 13, 2012

LP | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

‘I love the communication between the office staffs and the doctor. This were my first time as a patient the experience were very up lifting.”

FB | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

By far the best treatment I’ve ever received – Doctor listened, cared and explained everything to me. This is my 2nd visit and I’ve told employees, friends & family about how great you are. I especially like the print out of diagnosis and sending prescriptions electronically to pharmacy. Doctors Express is first class in my book and I can’t recommend them enough – A whole new concept in medicine where the doctor listens, cares and explains.

LR | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

Pleasant experience – receptionist nice and honest pertaining to wait time and how many patients ahead of me, when might be a better time to visit in response to my asking. In and out in a very reasonable amount of time but not feeling like anyone was rushed or I was not given the attention needed or expected. Would definitely return and recommend to others

CC | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“Nice facility…faster than my GP!

LS| Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“I was actually treated better than my own doctor’s office!!! Plus, I didn’t have to wait nearly as long. That is a great thing when you are sick and just want to get what you need and go home to bed. LOL…Thank you for taking good care of me. Oh…the follow up calls were very nice too.”

Monday March 5, 2012

“I thought the facility was very nice and well taken care of. I also thought the doctor and office staff were very friendly and professional. It was very convenient for me to walk in and be seen by a doctor minutes later.”

.MH | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“I don’t see how you could improve. You run a lovely care center, with caring staff.”

RH | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

I felt right at home at this office… Great people..

CB | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“I could not have asked for a better experience. I will definitely come back if the need arises.”

JE | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“Great experience all the way”

JW | Memphis – 5475 Poplar Ave. Suite 106

“The doctors are great, Dr. Besser, Dr. McIntyre and Dr. Nairrin. I am telling all my friends about you.”


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