This Week’s Q&A from Doctor’s Express Memphis & Dr. Besser

1.    I have a constantly runny nose and need to use antihistamine tablets all the time. All the ones that work make me drowsy, and I can’ t work as a driver. Is there anything else available to help me?

Yes, there are other medications to help your constant runny nose, but both require a prescription.  One is a pill called Singulair.  It was originally developed as a treatment for Asthma but it turns out to be great for conrolling runny noses.  Its not an antihistamine, so it won’t make you sleepy.  The other medication is a nasal spray.  There are several versions of it, some brand names are Flonase, Nasonex, Nasocort, and Rhinocort. Speak with your PCP to find the best choice for you.

2.    My husband sneezes for an hour or more every morning when he wakes. How can he stop this?

I am not sure why your husband sneezes but the mostly likely reason is allergies.  I assume there is something in your bedroom that he is reacting to.  Dust is the most likely cause, so I would suggest you encase your mattress and pillows in plastic to eliminate the dust.  Oh, if you have feather pillows, he might be reacting to that also so get hyperallergenic (foam) pillows. If you have blinds, make sure to dust them regularly- they are real dust-catchers. Make sure you are dusting under your bed, too. Lastly, if you have pets, they need to find another place to be. The bedroom is no place for animals if someone has allergies.  Hope these suggestions help, but if your husband continues to have problems, send him to his doctor for an evaluation.

3.    I suffer from chronic sinusitis. My face is one big ache. I can’ t breathe, and feel absolutely lousy. I need help before I go mad!

You need to see an ENT (ear-nose-and-throat) specialist to be evaluated.  There are multiple causes for chronic sinus infections (allergies, chronic bacterial infections, chronic fungal infections).  The treatment is different depending on the cause, so get yourself evaluated!




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