Doctors Express-Memphis: This week’s Q&A

Why do doctors keep worrying about my blood pressure. Is it really that important to keep it low? In order to answer this question, I need to use an analogy to explain blood pressure.  Imagine your garden (your body).  It has lovely flowers and plants (the organs of your body).  Occasionally your garden needs water (blood) for nutrition.  This water is delivered via your garden hose (your blood vessels).  So you take your hose and gently turn on the water (normal blood pressure). The garden gets watered and looks wonderful! But, what if by accident someone comes by and turns the water on full force (high blood pressure).  Your lovely plants get knocked down and may even wash into the street.  In the body, this force pounds all of your organs and damages them- that can cause problems with your heart, liver, lungs, brain, and kidneys.  Doctors want to prevent damage to your organs, so they try to keep your blood pressure low so this doesn’t happen.



I am allergic to penicillin. What other antibiotics can I use? There are LOTS of antibiotics that aren’t penicillin based.  Really, too many for me to list.  Not all antibiotics work for all infections (and that includes penicillins) so your doctor will pick the right antibiotic for whatever infection you have. 

Always remember to tell your doctors what you are allergic to.



I suffer terribly every few weeks—more than anyone imagines, with migraines that strike like lightening, and leave me totally disabled for hours on end. What causes migraines? No one is entirely sure what causes migraines but current thinking is that they are due to sudden diliation and then constriction of the blood vessels to the head which causes sudden increase and decrease in blood flow.  There are many medications available to control migraines, some work to stop them when they start and others are used to prevent migraines from happening.  I would suggest you see a Neurologist.  This is the physician who specializes in migraines (among other brain and nerve related issues).


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