How do you find out if you are allergic to something. Can blood tests tell you? I am already allergic to cats, but want to find out if there is something else causing my hay fever.

 The best way to figure out environmental allergies (animal dander, pollen, and so on) is through skin testing.  Blood tests are used to determine some food allergies.

2.   How are allergies   treated? Is there any permanent cure? I have to live on antihistamines for my  rash that keeps flaring up for no apparent reason.

There is no permanent cure, unfortunately but symptoms can   be managed with antihistamines.  However, if your symptoms are isolated   to a rash only, you need to see a dermatologist to be evaluated for other  causes of rashes (and different treatments)

3. Every time I even see a strawberry, let alone eat   one, my lips become swollen and itchy! Is this a type of allergy?    Yes, if your lips swell when you eat or touch a strawberry, you are having an allergic reaction to stay away from that particular fruit. The more often you expose yourself to the strawberry the more likely your reaction will be worse in the future.


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