Day 3: A Day In The Life At Doctors Express

Themes for the Day

Colds and allergies mostly filled today’s agenda but that is a staple here
at Doctors Express.

Since posting on our blog and Facebook sites, we often focus on the ailments that we are staffed and equipped to handle.What makes our practice so unique is we often see recurring  “themes” at
the office.  By that statement, I mean that some days it seems
everyone comes in with the same problem on the same day.  Today’s theme was no different. The most common ailment was anxiety. We witnessed several people who were feeling anxious and/or having panic attacks.  While we are very happy to see anyone, if you are experiencing anxiety, stress or depression, an Urgent Care facility is usually not a recommended place for these disorders.

If you are experiencing nervousness or you’re feeling down, we can usually help explain the problem but not treat it. Sometimes people do know what is the matter, and simply need someone to talk to. For those folks, we recommend they see a therapist to discuss whatever is bothering them and the problems that are slowing them down.  .

We are always here if you need us- every day from 8am to 8 pm.

Dr. Besser


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