This Week’s Medical Q&A From Doctor Besser

I don’t think it’s right that children are required to be immunized before starting
school. It should be up to parents to decide. What do you think?              -Theresa

First, let me say it is a parents legal right to decide the medical care of their
children, however, I strongly advise the parents to research whatever the
medical issue is before they make their decision.  This means speaking
with their children’s doctor in addition to speaking with friends, family and
searching the Internet. Specifically with regard to immunizations, I believe
the benefits out-weigh the risks. Immunizations are safe and most of them have
been around for a long time. Also, by immunizing your children you are helping
to prevent disease epidemics.

What are the signs and symptoms of the Mumps?     -Bill

The hallmark of mumps is the swelling of the parotid glands (salivary glands in the
cheek and jaw). Additionally there will be fever.  In some cases, the
patient may also develop a viral meningitis.  In males, there may also be
swelling of the testicles and in some cases this can lead to sterility.


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