This Week’s Q&A: Relief from a Bee Sting On The Tongue

Please continue to keep the Medical questions and concerns coming in. It’s best for us to see you in person to fully diagnose and treat your ailments. As always, we’re happy to help and address your medical concerns.                            Dr. Besser

Will Livalo cause Dizziness or swelling of the feet?

Livalo will not cause dizziness or swelling.  The most common side effects are
muscle pain, changes in bowel habits,  back pain, or rashes.  More
serious side effects could be liver or kidney problems.

2.  Hi my partner has just been stung on her tongue. She got the sting out and has a slight swelling on the
Tongue which has been relieved by sucking ice cubes. She has some pain around
the Tongue but also ear ache. Is there anything else we can do to relieve

She isn’t having breathing problems. She could also try Benadryl to relieve the
swelling and help with the pain.  If things worsen, she needs to see her

3.     My hands go to “sleep” and tingle at night, sometimes painfully. The problem
dissipates when I stand up. What’s up?

You may have a “pinched nerve” in your arm or
neck.  If in the arm, it might be carpal tunnel syndrome with can worsen
with certain activities such as typing.  If the “pinch” is in
the neck, it may be relieved by standing because gravity moves the back bone
(vertabrae) off the pinched nerve.  You need to see your PCP for testing
to determine where the blockage is.  Then your PCP will refer you to the
right specialist for treatment.


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