“Should Your Child Be Tested For Hearing Loss?” This Week’s Medical Q&A

My husband has had a hearing loss since he was a
child. How will I know if our baby also has a hearing problem?

There are many reasons for hearing loss, some are genetic but others (especially in children) can be
due to chronic ear infections.  Your baby’s doctor can do a hearing test
to see if your baby has a hearing loss, but some clues for you that he might
have a hearing problem include not becoming startled when he hears a sudden
loud noice and not turning toward sounds (especially the sound of your voice)


I live in an older home,and most of the walls are covered in lead-based paint. I am concerned that my son might be in danger of lead poisoning. What are some of the symptoms of lead
poisoning, and how do I get him tested?


In babies the most common signs of lead poisoning
are lethargy, nausea, failure to develop properly and neurologic problems
(seizures, jitteriness).  The test for lead poisoning is very simple, it
is a blood test.  If positive for lead your baby will need to be treated
to remove the lead from his system (through cleaning the blood).  If this
is done early enough, your baby would have no further problems.  I would
STRONGLY advise you to get the lead paint out of your house, especially in the
baby’s room and other rooms where your baby spends a lot of time.



Does Doctor’s Express offer ‘Back to School’ Check up specials?


Yes, Doctors Express has back to school physicals for $30 which include a urine test as well as a
physical exam.  We do camp and work physicals too for the same price.



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