Yes-We Treat It All At Doctor’s Express!

Some “interesting” medical ailments that I have seen include removing fishhooks from people (Ouch!),
removing other foreign bodies from noses or ears (kids just love to put things
in their noses- I have removed crayons, pencils, styrofoam, chalk, small toys
and from ears I have also removed earrings and bugs….)

We see the whole gamut of problems here, from
minor runny noses to potentially life-threatening heart conditions.
Understand, that as an Urgent Care we are not the best place to be if you truly
think you are having a heart attack or stroke but if you don’t know what is
going on, we can certainly help direct you to the right place if we aren’t the
place you should be.

Doctors Express is prepared for just about anything. Come see us so that we can heal you and get you on your way.

Enjoy Your Summer!


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