Sending Your Troops Off To Camp

When planning and packing for camp:

Parents: make sure all the preliminary paperwork is done which includes the physical. You can bring your campers by AFC Doctors Express for the physical, no appointment needed, and we can do camp physicals any day of the week.

Parents: Look at your forms. Some camps require shot records, some don’t. You should always have a copy of your child’s shot record on hand for the numerous things you need it for including school and camp. Make sure your child is up-to-date on shots even if the camp doesn’t require proof or additional shots.

Parents: Be sure to send clothes that you don’t mind getting ruined. It’s our experience as moms and dads that those clothes won’t come back in the same way you sent them. Send along at least one pair of long pants and a long sleeve shirt, even in the middle of summer. This will help protect your child from insect bites and sunburn.

Parents: Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, anything with SPF 30 or higher is fine. Make sure your child understands to put the sunscreen on first thing in the morning and re-apply it several times a day. Remind them to cover all areas, including the outer ears and back of the neck (areas that are frequently forgotten). Also, send insect repellant – any brand with DEET is fine (unless your child is allergic to it).

Parents: Make sure the camp is VERY aware of any allergies your child might have.

Parents: Send your child to camp with any daily required medicines ( if he or she takes daily medication) and enough emergency medication (tylenol, Benadryl, anti-itch lotion or spray, etc…) to last the entire duration of camp. Send it in a properly labeled container or sealed bag. Your pharmacy should be willing to prepare an extra labelled container for you to send to camp. Check to see if your child’s camp has the basics such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen and if not, send a labelled travel size container of these medications, plus some Calamine lotion for poison oak/ivy/sumac and any other basics that you think your child might need.

Children: Go to camp and have fun!!!


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