Does The Flu Shot Cause the Flu; Reducing Gout Flares

Q. Is it true that getting the flu shot can cause some people to actually get the flu?

A. The flu shot is made up of a live (but inactive) strain of the flu virus. In some cases you may get a mild flu-like illness (usually just a lot grade fever and bodyaches) from the shot. This is not the flu. These are side effects some people experience from the shot and are much milder than actually getting the flu.

Q. What diet would help with the symtoms of gout?

In the “old” days, people with gout were told to stay away from protein.  That is helpful but most medications now can control the symptoms of gout. Studies have shown that decreasing red meat and fish while increasing dairy proteins can reduce gout flares. Also stay away from beer and distilled spirits as well as organ meats (such as liver). A major factor in gout is obesity so lose weight and your gout attacks will be less frequent. Finally, certain medications can make gout worse, especially diuretics (water pills) used to treat high blood pressure. Discuss this with your doctor if you have both gout and high blood pressure.


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